Design for Manufacturing on Demand

DFM is the method of design for ease of manufacturing of parts that will form the product after assembly. In the case of plastic injection molding, for example, Constant wall thickness, Appropriate draft, Texture, Ribs, Wall thickness, undercut features, etc. Our engineering team has over 10 years’ expertise in DFM, tooling, and molding to ensure products are produced in an efficient and quality manner.

In-house Tooling and Trial Run

Shape Prototype has in-house tooling design and tool making capability. From tool design, fabrication to assembly, our in house tooling team can ensure a fast turnaround with a quality outcome. We also provide rapid tooling service by using soft tool to perform trail run on request, which is often an advantage for newly-developed products to test the market before committing huge tooling fees in advance.

In-house Mass Production

Our mass production techniques for plastic parts include but not limited to injection molding and compression molding. From common material suhc as ABS, PC, PMMA, POM, to TPE, every part is produced and post-machined on site. For metal products, we have the capability of tooling and die casting to produce aluminum-alloy, zinc-alloy parts to offer a comprehensive product solution.


Simply no MOQ, the service is designed for fast-growing teams who require fast-turnaround yet quality high-quality prototype.

Precision Machining

Our CNC machining team is highly experienced in precision machining, that the tolerance can be held as high as +-0.01MM depends on the feature.

High Surface Finishing

Various high surface finishing available for both plastic and metal material, from high glossy paint to high polishing, multi-color plating, and texture blushing.

Packaging + Assembly + Testing

DFM (Design for Manufacturing)

Product ID & Mechanical Design

PCBA Manufacturing