Shape Prototype is a hardware product solution studio based in Taiwan,  with product manufacturing function located in Shenzhen, China. Our goal is to support hardware and IoT startups & SMEs worldwide by providing a product solution that is affordable, shortening the manufacturing process and minimizing the production cost.

Over the past 10 years, our product engineering team worked as a contract manufacturer making parts and products for large companies in the US, such as Tesla, Intel, Phillip. As a product supplier, we are aware that often when a manufactured product reached to its owner, it could have passed through several intermediaries and that the production cost could increase several times. This, regrettably, puts a financial strain on the early stage of a startup.

Since 2015, aside from serving high profile companies, Shape Prototype spun off to focus on small to medium businesses and startups. With more than 10 years' expertise and resources,  our goal is to assist with worldwide entrepreneurs in product manufacturing process without compromising on product and service quality. This not only helps ease the communication process but eliminates the production costs that have spent by going through several intermediaries.

From 1 to 100,000+ custom parts, from prototyping, rapid tooling, and high volume production, we provide customized product solution for each project. Contact us today and discover a better way to approach your manufacturing needs!

Our Prototyping Team

  • 50 In-house personnel
  • 28 CNC machines (including 5-axis and 4-axis )
  • 2 milling machines
  • 2 drilling machines
  • 1 vacuum casting
  • 1 sand blasting machine
  • Extensive library of standard hardware

Our Tooling & Molding Team

  • 90 In-house personnel
  • 13 Injection machines
  • 3 CNC machines
  • 4 Grinding machines +1 Drilling machine
  • 5 EDM + 2 Mirror EDM +1 wire-cutting machine
  • 1 profile projector + 2 2D coordinate measurement
  • Extensive library of standard hardware

Behind The Scene


What else We do

Schedule & Budget Planning

Project Management & Support

PCB Fabrication

Component Sourcing

Product Assembly

Manufacturing Management & Consultation

Why Us

  • Based in and around Shenzhen and Dongguan areas, the hub of electronics and manufacturing in the world, our in-house facility and connections provide more resources and possibilities.
  • Complimentary project management, component sourcing, product finishing and packaging. You can manufacture in the Far East without building out a full team on your own.
  • Over 8 years' experiences in serving Fortune 500 companies, we are confident to provide parts and services that meet Western standard.
  • Speed up the prototyping and manufacturing process with first-hand information provided directly by us.
  • Extensive manufacturing knowledge including prototyping, CNC machining, die casting, urethane casting, tooling & molding and professional finishing + assembly.
  • It's economical. Every penny counts for a startup!

Our Expertise

CNC Machining
Rapid Molding
Tooling & Injection Molding
Urethane Casting
Die Casting
Product Finishing & Assembly


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