Shenzhen – Home of hardware and manufacturing

Lean Supply Chain

Shenzhen’s complete supply chain and innovation ecosystem offer plenty of benefits in building your hardware product.

Prototype Like Nowhere Else

Whether plastic or metal, PCB or PCBA, in Shenzhen, you cannot imagine how fast turnaround you can get the prototype done with an outstanding outcome.

Makers’ World

Along with the push from the local movement, Shenzhen has become the No.1 maker’s dream land. An increasing number of makers’ space is built to welcome makers all around the world.

Experience Shenzhen

If Silicon Valley is the world's software epicentre, then Shenzhen is home of hardware. For hackers and entrepreneurs, Shenzhen is a technological nirvana – a vibrant city full of possibility, opportunity and creative exploration.


Vetted Factories

ShapeConnects is a programme that offers our startup clients to explore a better manufacturing experience within Shenzhen and Pearl River Delta, China. As a local supplier, Shape Prototype has been working with a number of core EMS providers who support innovation and are willing to give up the MOQ standard to partner with us to support innovation! With ShapeConnects, 5-8 factories will be audited and listed to match each product fit; we then once again visit the factories and select to 3-5 manufacturer into a short list for our startup-clients.

Logistics Planning

ShapeConnects help startups plan the logistics within the whole manufacturing supply chain. From raw material sourcing to prototyping to mass production and assembly, inspection and packaging, ShapeConnects programme makes sure that the whole process is run within your budget. With our broad connections in the local supply chain network, we still non-stop exploring and examining our manufacturing partnerships to serve multiple  product categories. Our partner factories operate under our PartnerAgreement to protect your intellectual property. We ensure a combination of cutting edge technology, high quality standards, and ethical manufacturing.

Contract Manufacturing

Contract Manufacturing is part of the services offered by ShapeConnects. Whether we are part of your manufacturing partner or not, ShapeConnects offers a full project management service, or as a third party, to assess the performance of  your key manufacture by a highly-experienced project management team. Our project management team is composed of the industrial experts who have been leading consumer electronics projects for HP, Phillips and GE in the past. With a combination of 30-years project management expertise, we are opening a new page for our startups-clients.

Why Shenzhen?

Home to 90% of the worldwide electronics; a massive components emporium for the world's electronic.
Manufacturing hub of the world; surrounded by injection moulding factories, EMS providers, and shippers.
Entrepreneurship spirit filled in the city, it's hard not to be inspired. It is triggering an explosion in global innovation!
Makerspace all over the city; working together with the world's makers and hackers.

We Connect You with Shenzhen

With a broad network of manufacturing experts for your innovative products